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Butch or femme quiz

butch or femme quiz

Take this test to find out if you're butch, femme, or neither. Please remember this is just for fun, and knowing what label you fit under isn't really important. Are you a lipstick lesbian, a butch lesbian, a bisexual or something else? Find out here! DISCLAIMER: This quiz is just a bit of fun and plays to. Games -- Quiz to determine if you are femme or butch.

Butch or femme quiz - they

Apparently though, I'm not femme at all. The Following User Says Thank You to silkepus For This Useful Post:.


Butch & Femme Games -- Quiz to determine if you are femme or butch. BUTCH? OR FEMME? Are you a butch or a femme? Or something in between? This is a test of how you react in a forced answer situation to see how you think. Butch or Femme Test Words Games, Quizzes, Etc. If you ever wondered where on the butch femme scale you landed, this is the quiz for you. "Nosy-Ass How-Many-Do-You-Have?" Quiz - Page 10. butch or femme quiz

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