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Guido douchebag

guido douchebag

a douchebag 35 Douchebags and douchebaguettes are multiplying (45 photos) Is this the Staten Island, New Jersey, guido edition? Matt. A certain type of douchebag that lives in the New York City metro and is usually of Italian descent (although in my town, some of the Guido -types are Irish, Jewish. Douchebag Guidos from New Jersey Gallery. Uploaded 05/20/ . Share; Tweet; Stumble; Email; Pin It. Tags: guido fist pump rediculous spike collar.

Guido douchebag - horniest

You actually picked and posted which girls you think are hot? This guido look, its all wigger shit. guido douchebag create your own Guido Douchebag meme using our quick meme generator. Random Funny Pictures contains the funniest, most hilarious funny pictures. Although the purest breed of Guido is the result of merging the worst loud- mouthed douche bags and bitches who talk way too much shit and.

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