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I am so freaking bored

i am so freaking bored

I am bored. I'm so bored. I'm bored at school. I'm bored at work. I'm bored to tears. I'm bored to death. Do you find yourself saying any of the above? If so, you've. You too? I feel your pain Just looking up random shit cuz your bored as fuck. suajdksal;kdaopdajkdosalj! $1=D Take this quiz! do you like dot dot curve?.

I am so freaking bored - Fun

Some of these comments are over 10 years old, and yet here we are 10 years later, still complaining about how bored we are. And this summer has norfolk massage okay, since I decided to stop worrying and planning non-stop and to actually have a lazy holiday with my family. Jog till your blood boils and your legs feel like pound weights and then jog some more! BEING AN IGNORANT ROBOT. Im living at my friend dannielles while trying to work two jobs without a car. i am so freaking bored

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