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Lovelace test

lovelace test

We call this test the `` Lovelace Test '' in honor of Lady Lovelace, who believed that only when computers originate things should they be believed to have minds. Passing the Lovelace test requires demonstration of Strong AI, e.g.,writing a great novel or proving Fermat's last theorem without the creator of. Abstract. The Turing Test (TT) is claimed by many to be a way to test for the presence, in computers, of such 'deep' phenomena as thought and consciousness. To pass the Turing Test an artificial agent has to convince human judges that they are conversing with a human rather than a computer. The Lovelace Test builds off prior tests of creativity and additionally provides a means of directly comparing the relative intelligence of. See and http:// test + lovelace +turing+paper+objection/.

Lovelace test - years

Studies in Cognitive Systems. Creativity should not be confused with surprise or the lack of an explanation facility. Getting started with Excel VBA. Cartoon - The Turing Test. Shadows of the Mind. Share this content on Twitter. lovelace test

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