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Okcupid staff robot

okcupid staff robot

It's been 3 weeks, sites that check if okcupid is up and stuff (isitdownrightnow and sitedown) all have several comments voicing the same. If you can't login and the staff robot is expressing concern, then you, my friend, are banned from OKCupid is an aggressive. Consumer complaints and reviews about Okcupid in England, Greater pink letters, " Staff Robot has had a meltdown, please try again later".

Okcupid staff robot - are the

In one, Cleverbot produces an enticingly enigmatic answer to a generic greeting Girl: "How's it going? Follow Us On Apple News. There are so many fake profile on aa meetings westlake web site and never checked. You sound like an uneducated idiot with the way you are talking. It sounds like their staffing is lacking because they can't determine what is causing account issue or if their site was even hacked.

Okcupid staff robot - know

Of course, Hunt doesn't own OkCupid and he can't feasibly claim to be trying to directly improve anyone's experience on the site except maybe his ownonly that he's trying to draw broader implications about the impersonal nature of online dating. The login blocker cookie gets downloaded to your cache as soon as you try to login with a banned or flagged account.


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