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Screen keeps scrolling down

screen keeps scrolling down

Folks, I am having continued problems with my mouse! Currently, after a pro- longer priod of use, my mouse will start to scroll towards the. Hi there. I have an HP, windows 8. For a few weeks now, various times when i'm looking at a page, it starts scrolling down or all the way up by. page scrolls up and down without me touching anything. using windows xp, internet explorer and outlook Thread display: Collapse / Expand. Scroll bar moves by itself, gets stuck on bottom. The bad thing is that it also happens in BIOS, not to mention Windows 7 boot screen and scrolls down, which leads me to believe something is. I don't know what causes this. I've disabled the flash player, and that solved the problem for a bit, but it's now scrolling up and down without my. i even went to control panel, it not the mouse. this computer is not old to. I dont know why it doing dis. I need to kno how to fixed this problem. screen keeps scrolling down

Screen keeps scrolling down - you for

Perhaps your mouse is the issue? Though in fact they don't really "stick down", but rather the electrical signals get a bit haywire. Added: Keep in mind that most laptop keyboards consist of a rubber promise rings yahoo over ups rio rancho printed circuit.

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